Do you know which marketing channels most of your customers spend time conversing?



Do you know which marketing channels most of your customers spend time conversing? Julie Fowler Marketing will help identify where your target audience is communicating about your brand, your competitors and other relevant topics.


There are so many tactical tools (offline and online) to choose from in which to promote your business. Which tactical tools you use will be led by the marketing objectives you set. These tactical tools include public relations and news releases, exhibitions, events, and conferences, advertising and promotions, Facebook ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, mobile friendly website, social media channels, Search Engine Optimization, direct mail, e-mail marketing and blogs.


What's covered


  • Identifying the best tactical tools to use for your business, taking into account your marketing strategies, resources and budgets.
  • Aligning your marketing messages with your strategy, objectives and plan.
  • Developing marketing content (online and offline)
  • Developing a social media policy
  • Developing relationships with editors, journals and conference producers.
  • How to apply The Marketing Mix
  • Using online marketing assets effectively.
  • Improving website customer experience (CX).
  • Getting quotable quotes.


If you would like to dicuss what tactical tools to choose and why, please contact Julie Fowler Marketing for a free initial consultation. 


If you also require help in delivering your marketing activities, please get in touch.



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